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If you are currently not covered under a group health insurance plan or an individual policy, consider applying for a short term plan in Virginia. We offer affordable choices for short term health insurance plans in Virginia. Do not take a risk by staying uninsured. You could potentially owe thousands of dollars in case you fall sick or have an injury that requires hospitalization.  For short term coverage, consider one of the insurance plans listed below. These short term plans offer coverage for an unexpected illness or injury. They typically do not offer coverage for pre existing conditions or preventive care, physicals, immunizations, dental or vision care.

Short term health insurance in Virginia is ideal for people

  • in between jobs,
  • been laid off,
  • a college student,
  • a recent graduate,
  • in a waiting period, between permanent health plans or as an alternative to COBRA or traditional health coverage.

Virginia short term health insurance is available for as little as 30 days to a maximum of 6 or 12 months.  Subsequent coverage can be repurchased.

Short term health insurance companies in Virginia

Assurant Health Short Term Insurance: Assurant Health Short Term Health Insurance is a temporary health insurance plan. Short term health insurance plans are ideal for those between jobs, waiting for employer group coverage, laid off, recent college graduates or seasonal employees.

HPA Secure Short Term Medical Insurance: The Secure STM (Short term medical) insurance provides you and your family quality, affordable major medical coverage on a temporary basis. Ideal when you are between health insurance plans, a college student or just graduating, need a COBRA alternative, part-time or temporary employee, unemployed or laid off.

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