Short Term Travel Insurance

Short term travel insurance is crucial if you are planning a trip abroad. In most cases your domestic insurance will not cover you once you leave your home country. Short term travel insurance offers excellent coverage for all your trips ranging from 5 days to 3 years.

Visitor Medical Insurance Quote Form

Short Term Travel Health Insurance

Short term travel health insurance offers coverage for doctor visits, hospitalizations, surgery, prescriptions and other related expenses for eligible sicknesses and injuries. Some plans also offer coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation. Short term travel health insurance is not meant to offer permanent coverage and plans usually exclude preventive care, maternity and coverage for pre existing conditions.

Short Term Travel Medical Insurance

Several short term travel medical insurance plans are available. You can get a quote online, complete a purchase and receive a confirmation instantly. Coverage can begin from the next day. ID cards and the confirmation of coverage letter can be emailed immediately after purchase.

Temporary Travel Health Insurance

Temporary travel health insurance offers great protection in the event you fall sick or injure yourself abroad. Most plans offer emergency assist services including translation help to locate a provider. Some plans also offer coverage to fly a family member to be with you in the event you are hospitalized abroad.


A visitors insurance policy (also known as travelers health insurance)minimizes the cost of medical care obtained when traveling abroad.


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