Short Term Health Insurance Quotes

Short term health insurance offers valuable health coverage to US residents below the age of 64. If you are between jobs or lack coverage for any other reason, it may be tempting to save some money by not purchasing short term health insurance. Being uninsured even for a short duration is not recommended. Even one hospitalization can run into thousands of dollars. Get a short term health insurance quote below to see how you can get affordable coverage.

Temporary Health Insurance Quotes

Short term or temporary health insurance is ideal for people who are between jobs, been recently laid off, no longer eligible for COBRA coverage or dependants who cannot stay on their parents plan. Purchasing temporary health insurance can give you peace of mind and some time till you finalize a permanent solution. Temporary health insurance quotes are available for a minimum of 1 month and maximum of 12 months. After the 12 month period you will have to apply for a fresh plan.

Health Insurance Quotes For Unemployed

If you recently lost your job, you may be entitled to continue your medical coverage under COBRA. Coverage under COBRA can be quite expensive. If for some reason you choose not to apply for COBRA or you have run out of the coverage you can purchase a short term insurance plan. Get a health insurance quote if you are currently unemployed and want to apply for a short term plan.


For your next trip abroad, you can protect yourself financially from the high cost of medical care by purchasing a USA visitors insurance, or visitors health insurance plan.


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