Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

Short term health insurance coverage includes doctor visits, hospitalizations, surgery and other related expenses for covered sicknesses and injuries. The plans usually offer the flexibility of visiting any doctor or hospital of your choice so you can continue to visit your current providers. Most short term health insurance plans do not cover pre existing conditions, preventive care and maternity.

Short Term Health Insurance Quote Form

Temporary Health Insurance Coverage

Temporary health insurance coverage is ideal for people who need health insurance for a short duration (between 1 month and 12 months). Temporary health insurance coverage is usually available within 1 day of applying online. Depending on the state you live in various temporary health insurance coverage choices may be available. If you are currently not covered under any health insurance plan, apply for an affordable temporary health insurance plan.

Health Insurance Coverage For Unemployed

The short term plans are an excellent cost effective solution for people who are unemployed. For relatively low premiums you are covered for a sudden sickness or injury that requires a quick trip to the doctor or an extended stay at a hospital. You can purchase coverage for yourself and your dependents if you are currently unemployed or between jobs. Temporary health insurance coverage for the unemployed is also a great idea if you need some time to research the different long term health plans.


With a small investment in a visitors medical insurance plan, which may also be referred to as a medical insurance for visitors policy, international travelers can save significant amounts of money on medical expenses.


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