Assurant Short Term Health Insurance

Assurant Health’s Short-Term Health Insurance is offered to individuals

  • Who experience a break in their health insurance coverage.
  • Who are in between jobs, awaiting for a employer group coverage, laid off or on strike
  • Seasonal employees.
  • Recent college graduates.

Coverage Period

Assurant Short Term Medical insurance can be purchased for a short time period of one month (30 days) to 12 months (360 days). Coverage up to 12 months may vary depending on the state of residence.


Assurant Short Term Health Insurance can be availed by individuals

  • Between the age of 30 days and 65 years and not eligible for Medicare
  • Dependents children younger than 18 or 24 if a full-time student.


Deductible can vary from $250 to $5,000. The plan provides valuable benefits of choosing your own doctors and hospitals and pays for all covered medical cost once your deductible, coinsurance and any applicable access fees have been met.


In general Assurant Short Term Health Insurance covers unexpected illness and accidents. Apart from the freedom of selecting your own doctors and hospitals, the coverage services also include Doctor Visits, Hospital Benefits, Emergency Room Care, Ambulance, X-ray & Laboratory and Outpatient Services.

Coverage does not include treatment of a pre-existing condition, regular check ups, illness or injury that is self-inflicted, dental & vision treatments, maternity, infertility and other not medically required treatments.

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