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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • You’re Fired! Donald Trump and the Short Term Insurance Plan

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When you watch the series “The Apprentice” you wonder what health insurance plan, if any, the participants will have in the real world. And when each person gets the boot with the immortal words “You’re Fired!” you only hope that they have the sense to purchase appropriate short term health insurance.

However, it is not uncommon for employers to fire people on the spot. The typical notice period for an employee is two weeks, after which all benefits and salaries due are cut off. Two weeks can be a really short time to get adjusted to new realities, especially for someone who is older.

At this point, when COBRA coverage is offered by the company’s payroll department, it does seem like a lifesaver. There is usually no time to think of COBRA insurance alternatives, since there are a hundred other things to deal with.

However, if one is fired from his/her job, then it is best to take a step back and invest the time in figuring out insurance options. Very often, short term health insurance plans offer the best alternative to COBRA insurance. However, one of the important things to check is if the temporary insurance plan counts as creditable coverage for long-term health insurance coverage, which is a must in the future.

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