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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • You can count on your short term health insurance until the permanent health insurance arrives

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I was completely suprised to read today’s news about the recovery of a brain-dead person. This person, who hails from Arizona, met with a serious car accident on October 19’th. His brain injuries were too severe that the doctors lost all hopes of saving him. And they broached the subject of organs donation with his family for their approval. This was when he suddenly woke up from his coma. There can be a no-better Christmas gift than this for his near and dear ones. When any of you are waiting for your medical insurance to take effect and are struck in a situation like this, won’t you thank your stars if you possess a short term health insurance already?

You may be a really healthy peron with absolutely no complaints. But crisis can strike in any form like the above accident. That is the time, one will realize the importance of a health insurance. The medical bills have the capacity to drain your pocket and may sometimes leave you penniless. And when this happens at the wrong time like waiting for your medical insurance to take effect, you will finally end up cursing yourself for your ignorance or negligence.

Short term health insurance is a very useful insurance that can be availed by anyone who is under 64 years of age. As the name depicts, this insurance is valid for a short term and is a saviour in times of need when you are in situations like job transitions, waiting for a different health insurance or on CORBA.

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