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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Why Does My Short Term Plan Not Cover Pregnancy?

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Most short term health insurance plans do not cover maternity expenses for the first 12 months, and it is considered on par with a “pre-existing condition.” This may seem unfair, and one of the questions often asked is simply why that is the case.

While for a couple planning a pregnancy, it might seem like a medical condition, pregnancies are, for the most part, planned. From the temporary insurance company’s perspective, this means that the probability of the plan holder getting pregnant (if the couple is planning a baby) is too high to be considered worth the risk.

So, most short term medical insurance plans do not cover pregnancy or conditions arising from it. Some of the plans that cover pregnancy add it as an optional rider for other short term medical insurance, with premiums as high as $500 per month. This is very close to the actual medical costs of the pregnancy, and often represents just a negotiated rate with healthcare providers.

However, some short term health insurance plans provide coverage for maternity if the plan holder has been covered under the plan for more than a year. These plans are typically more expensive than plans which do not cover maternity even after a waiting period. Read the fine print and consider your goals before signing on to a temporary insurance plan.

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