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  • Sunday, December 17, 2017

  • Why do I need short term insurance?

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There are many reasons why a person would choose short term health insurance. One of the main reasons people choose short term health insurance besides disability is because they are in between jobs. It acts like Cobra health insurance but might actually be cheaper than having to pay for Cobra health coverage. It pretty much acts like a safety net when you lose your normal health insurance due to several circumstances. One of the circumstances was mentioned above but the job change could be from you quitting a previous employer and going to a better company. What would you and your family normally do at a time like that? Well short term health insurance will cover your family as you wait for your new insurance to kick in at your new employer’s. So if anything was to happen or anyone gets sick you can still go to the doctor or hospital.

Another reason you could use short term health insurance is if you travel overseas. Some normal health insurance does not cover travel aboard and so you might want to consider another health insurance just while you go away from your country. You just want to check to make sure what is actually covered through the short term health insurance program you select. So you will want to check if it covers travel abroad. So you can do your research and find the best short term health insurance plan that will benefit everyone in your family at each point of time you may need the insurance.
The short term health insurance lets you determine the length of the coverage that you and your family both need to stay healthy. It can be as little as a month to several months while you are either traveling or waiting for the next health insurance to activate with your new employer.

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