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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Who Should Consider Short Term Health Insurance?

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Have you ever heard of short term health insurance and wondered who it was for and what it covered? Perhaps you have even wondered if it was something that would be a good fit for your situation. The truth is, at one point or another in their lives it will make sense for a large percentage of the population to look into this type of insurance.

People who have recently lost their jobs, or who have transitioned to a new company which does not yet provide a group health plan are excellent candidates for short term health insurance. This type of insurance will provide them and their families with affordable high-quality medical care in the event that they are between group plans. And they can purchase coverage only for the amount of time they need it. So once their next employer offers them coverage, they can migrate away from the short term plan.

Recent college grads are another ideal candidate for this type of policy. Today's job market is a difficult one to crack, and many students may take up to a year to find their first professional job. In the meantime, their parents' healthcare plan may no longer carry them, and any part time work they are doing likely will not come with benefits.Short term care is an inexpensive way to fill in the coverage gap.

Pretty much anyone who finds themselves needing temporary medical care that is both reliable and affordable should strongly consider investing in this type of insurance. The flexibility and high quality of short term care make it a simple solution while you wait for coverage at your next employer.

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