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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • What? My Short Term Insurance Does Not Cover This?

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Short term health insurance is seen as covering all emergency hospitalizations and treatment. It is often a rude shock after the medical bill comes, to see that the short term insurance plan you purchase does not cover your expenses. You feel cheated and angry that you were not told about this before. Or did not pay attention to it.

All insurance plans carry detailed plans where every clause is clearly stated. However, most people have no patience to read the fine print. For example, if you go on a high-risk adventure sport (even motorcycle riding is considered high risk in most plans) without taking the special coverage required for this, you will not be eligible for medical expenses that might arise out of it.

Alcohol or drug dependency, dental or cosmetic surgery, learning disorders, conditions resulting from war, treatment for varicose veins, maternity and treatment for new-born babies before discharge, spinal manipulation or adjustment, and treatment of foot conditions are all usually excluded from coverage of short term health insurance.

It should be noted that each state and each policy might have a different set of treatments that are not covered and it makes sense to study them before buying the policy. There is always support available, so that you talk to a person from the insurance company before taking a decision.

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