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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Waiting for Medicare? Try Short Term Health Insurance

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For many Americans, the Medicare program is something they simply cannot live without. The costs of keeping up with medical care needs without the aid Medicare provides could be devastating for some citizens. However, not everyone is eligible for the program. If you are waiting to gain eligibility and have little or no income, you will need an alternative such as a short term health insurance plan.

As people age, their medical needs become much greater. Many older Americans take several different types of pills per day. You may have seen this in person if you have grandparents or some other older acquaintance. They also must make more frequent visits to the doctor to check n their overall health as well as on any specific conditions they may be afflicted with. All of these medications and doctor's visits add up very quickly.

That presents a real problem because most older Americans are on a fixed income. They cannot work, so their only source of income is relatively small social security checks. Those are often not large enough to cover those medical needs plus mortgages, utilities, and other expenses. Senior citizens need some low cost way of managing their health care needs, and Medicare does just that. However, you must be 65 in order to be eligible, leaving many older citizens in a tough spot.

The best alternative while you wait to become eligible is to buy a short term health insurance policy. This type of plan will help you save on your prescription medications and your doctor's office visits, allowing you to get the care you need while staying mindful of your fixed budget. And once you reach the age of 65, you can drop the policy, switching over to Medicare. So you don't have to worry about a troublesome and expensive long term commitment, further illustrating this plan's value.

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