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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • The Temporary Temporary Insurance Fix!

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In Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick’s administration has discovered that people use a loophole in the healthcare reform policy to trick the system: short term health insurance. Health insurance is mandatory in Massachusetts, and the administration has found that people purchase short term health insurance only when they need expensive medical care. When they are relatively healthy, they prefer to pay the $93 penalty instead of going in for an insurance plan.

However, consider this: short term health insurance costs are lower than the penalty in most cases, and paying the penalty and remaining uninsured seems illogical. Plans such as the Assurant Short Term Medical (STM) plan, Secure Saver STM plan, and Secure 12x3 STM plan are available at $80-$120 a month on average, depending on the various options chosen.

The Massachusetts House is now considering limiting the number of private plans an individual can purchase in a year, and reinstating many of the restrictions regarding coverage of pre-existing conditions.
People who are subverting the system will do well to understand that their actions are costing not just the government, but also their own health. After all, all it takes is one visit to the emergency room, and the amount saved on premiums is completely wiped out!

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