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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • The Short-Term vs. COBRA Insurance Debate-IV: The Bottom Line

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Short term health insurance is a great alternative to COBRA insurance, when you’re looking to substitute long-term coverage that you had through your employer. Remember that short term insurance is less expensive than COBRA coverage, and can be purchased quite easily.

When signing up for COBRA insurance, you need to undergo lengthy underwriting procedures. However, purchasing short term health insurance is a simple process that requires the filling out of a simple questionnaire and application form.

Remember that short term health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. If treatment for a pre-existing condition will prove expensive, you might be better off with COBRA insurance. Also, you want to ensure that the short term health insurance plan you select counts toward creditable coverage.

Also, neither short term health insurance nor COBRA insurance can be a permanent health insurance solution. Many short term plans can be purchased for three years, but it is best to consider some sort of long term insurance if the period of insurance is to exceed a year. When looking for a job, it might be best to move to a month-to-month payment plan for your short term insurance needs.

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