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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • The Graduate and Her Insurance Options

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When a student graduates, he/she typically is looking for ways to save money. Health insurance probably tops the list of options. However, taking stock of the various options available can help the recent graduate save money and be adequately covered. One of the best insurance options for the recent graduate is short term health insurance.

The best time to start looking for coverage is a couple of months before graduation. If left too close to graduation, exams and projects will take precedence over health insurance. If left until after graduation, the recent graduate is living without any form of insurance, always an undesirable thing.

It is also possible that the graduate will be pressured into buying the first plan he/she comes across, if the insurance is purchased after graduation, when uninsured. Some of the options that are currently available for recent graduates include purchasing long-term health insurance, purchasing short-term health insurance, getting back on the parents’ health insurance plan, and living uninsured.

While the Healthcare Reform Bill is yet to make inroads into this segment, the first and last options listed are to be avoided. Individual long-term health insurance that is not part of a group plan can be prohibitively expensive, and remaining uninsured is never a wise thing to do. It is best to check the costs and coverage of the parents’ health insurance plan, and compare it with short term health insurance. The latter often turns up trumps.

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