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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Temporary Insurance and the PPO

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Most health insurance plans are affiliated with a preferred provider network, or a PPO. That goes for short term health insurance plans as well, which are typically associated with a couple of PPOs. What does this mean? And how is it important? What this means is that he insurance company has negotiated deals with the healthcare services and service providers who are affiliated with the PPO.

What does it mean for you, the plan holder? What it means is that you will receive treatment at the lower negotiated fee. In several cases, the healthcare provider such as a hospital will also be able to directly bill the insurance company for the services provided to you. For you, this means the extra convenience of cashless billing.

The Secure Saver STM plan, for example, offers two national PPOs: ACS and Multiplan. In most cases, using a PPO for medical services is optional. However, some plans decrease the covered amount when the plan holder receives out-of-network medical care.

It is always best to check the names of the hospitals in your area that are affiliated with the PPOs of your plan. The negotiated discount may not seem real because you will not physically see a refund, but the discount is applied toward your bill, and counts toward the usual, customary and reasonable charges. The discount will especially be useful in case of a fixed benefit plan, where limits are imposed on each type of treatment received.

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