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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Temporarily Insure Until You Get a Permanent Health Insurance

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A very close friend of mine, Mittany and her husband, Peter with their two kids made a complete contented family. Peter was a successful wildlife photographer and Mittany was a clerk in a law firm. Both earned a hefty package and lived a luxurious life in Maryland. As Peter was elevating very soon in his career, Mittany decided to take a break in her career to fend for her kids. Knowing fully well that she will no longer be covered under employer group insurance plan and that it will take some time for her to get a permanent health insurance, she had wisely opted for short term health insurance Maryland.

Everything was smooth until a disaster struck their family in the form of an earthquake in August 2011. Mittany was 5 months pregnant at that time. The shaking caused by the impact of earthquake landed as cardiac arrest on Peter and he passed away all of a sudden leaving his whole family in distress. Mittany had to fight through all the problems, the most important problem being her pregnancy. Though the couple had an envious lifestyle, Mittany was left with too little savings.

It was short term health insurance Maryland that helped her out in such stressful times. This insurance offer two types of insurance plans - assurant health short term insurance and HPA secure short term medical insurance. Assurant health short term insurance offers coverage on a temporary basis for those without any immediate health insurance. HPA secure short term medical insurance offers coverage for the whole family on a temporary basis until a permanent insurance is availed.

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