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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Take Short Term Travel Insurance on Your Thanksgiving Trip

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Thanksgiving is now less than a week away, and for many Americans that means that travel is just around the corner. There is so much to do when it comes to preparing for Thanksgiving travel - packing, booking hotel rooms, planning a route if you are driving or searching for the best ticket deals if you are flying. And when you are focused on so many different aspects of planning, it might be easy to overlook some of the less obvious preparations. One you must ensure you don't ignore is the need to purchase short term travel insurance.

In the best case scenario, your Thanksgiving travel will go smoothly. You will get to your destination on time, spend some quality time with loved ones, and return home safely and on schedule. However, for many travelers, things don't quite go as planned. There are many ways that plans can be derailed, and in some instances those unforeseen problems can lead to unplanned expenses. This is especially true when it comes to illness and injury.

There are many different ways in which illness might arise while traveling. You could get food poisoning from something you ate. You could catch the flu, a cold, or some other bug passing through the air. Since Thanksgiving occurs at a time when many areas are just experiencing a dip in temperature, this is an especially strong possibility. Or you may have been a bit ill before departing, only to have the stress travel exerts on your body exacerbate the condition.

There are also many ways in which injuries might occur. From car accidents to injuries incurred while playing sports to simple slips and falls, danger could be lurking where you least expect it. Thankfully, the simple purchase of a short term travel insurance can help absolve you of financial responsibility for those fees. Without this type of plan, network restrictions and other factors could cause you to pay full price for medical treatment. But with a policy like this in hand, your expenses will be partially or fully covered, potentially saving your thousands and giving you even more to be thankful for.

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