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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Strike Out on Your Own with Short Term Insurance

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Short term health insurance offers many benefits to a plan holder who is looking for temporary coverage. For one, it is often cheaper than long term health insurance, which includes many more benefits, although not many of them will actually be used.

Let’s say you have just left your job and are looking to try out your own business for a few months. In this “start up” period, you want to minimize out-of-pocket expenses, and want to ensure that you are still covered for major illnesses. The obvious choice would be short term insurance.

Short-term health insurance covers most unplanned medical illnesses and accidents. Prescription drugs, diagnostic tests, and hospitalization are also covered, which make it ideal as a stop-gap insurance plan that works well. It is also essential to determine the required coverage for everyone in your family.

Just because you will be able to get through six months without coverage for scheduled visits does not mean your children will be okay with it too. Especially in the case of newborns, scheduled visits are a necessity, and you may want to weigh your options before bringing your entire family under a short term health insurance plan.

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