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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Stay Protected Round the Year and Enjoy Without the Fear of Falling Sick

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At every point in life, nature teaches just one lesson - “Always expect the unexpected”. This is a reason good enough to stress on the point that we should always possess an insurance to take care of sudden health expenses. If you are not covered under any such insurance and are exploring various options available in the market, avail a short term health insurance till such time. So until the time you decide on a long term plan, you still stay protected.

Recently I read a news about a family that was rescued from Pacific ocean after their boat capsized. The family which had a father with his two sons lost all hopes of getting back alive. Just as they were about to be rescued, the bigger ship capsized the smaller boat throwing the trio into the mighty ocean. Though the rescue crew could get hold of one of the sons, the other two were being washed away beyond their reach. Inspite of the worse climatic conditions, the crew rescued the other two with great difficulty.

If we were to become a part of such an incident, it causes lot of mental stress and might require medical attention. It might even cost a fortune depending on the intensity of shock. So it is better to possess a short term health insurance rather than not possessing any health insurance. This insurance can be availed by anyone who is under 64 years and do not possess any kind of coverage. This insurance also provides coverage for the spouse and dependents.

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