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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Short Term Insurance as Easy as 1-2-3

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For short term health insurance that acts primarily for safety in low-risk situations, Secure 12×3 STM offers appropriate medical insurance. The plan is ideal for those whose period of non-insurance would otherwise be a year or more. It is especially useful for early retirees, and those taking a break in their careers.

The Secure 12×3 STM plan is administered by Health Plan Administrators, Inc. The plan covers doctors office visits, hospitalization and in-patient services, emergency room services, surgery, organ transplants, and mammography. The plan also covers AIDS treatment, and pap smear tests, subject to conditions.

Under the plan, many of the medical treatment options have limits on coverage. You can choose between four deductible levels: $500, $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000. After the deductible, the plan has two co-pay levels: 80% or 50%. After $10,000 of covered expenses, the plan pays 100% of the covered expenses.

Secure 12×3 STM offers a maximum benefit of $750,000. To be eligible for the plan, you must be under 65 years of age, or dependent children, under the age of 19. The plan is valid for one year, and in that respect, differs from most short term health insurance plans.

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