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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Short Term Heath Insurance Offers Texans Affordable Emergency Care

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Having a strong health insurance policy is a primary concern for most American citizens. Being able to save money on the high cost of medical care, or simply knowing you have the ability to do so even if you never use it, is very important. However, there are a variety of circumstances in which Texas residents may not have the coverage they need. In those cases, short term health insurance provides the affordable care Texans seek.

Short term health insurance can be used by people who are between jobs, or who have taken a new job that does not immediately offer health care, or who are going on a trip to a location that their normal insurance policy does not cover. In each of these instances, not having health insurance can be a very dangerous risk.

Without insurance, even basic medical care can be quite expensive. Simple prescriptions could cost you hundreds of dollars, while complex procedures and long term hospital stays will easily cost you thousands. Therefore, the small investment required for short term coverage will easily pay for itself through savings.

Keep in mind this type of temporary coverage is not designed for preventative care or general wellness visits. However if you are looking for affordable protection for emergency situations for yourself and your family, short term works extremely well. It is easy to apply and purchase, and you need to only buy it for the duration of time which you need it. For example, if you buy it because you have lost your job, and then you get a new job a month later, you will not have been locked into a six month plan with five months of coverage you do not need.

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