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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Short Term Health Insurance: Part-Time Jobs with Full-Time Benefits

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It is possible to have short term health insurance that will give you full medical benefits even while you are working on a part-time job that does not entitle you to permanent medical insurance.

A part-time job is a necessity for many people—for instance, mothers with small children, people working on a job while they are waiting to discover their ideal job, and people working two part-time jobs that are equally interesting to them.

However, a part-time job does not cover you for medical benefits and it would become too expensive if you happen to fall ill.

But a part-time job's income can definitely enable you to purchase short term health insurance that will cover you for short periods (up to 6 months) for any major illness. The options in the policy also allow you to choose a one-time payment or a month-to-month payment for the premium. You can also choose to extend the insurance if you decide to continue with the part-time job or cancel it if you decide to switch over to a permanent job with medical insurance.

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