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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Short Term Health Insurance and Preexisting Conditions

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Short term health insurance makes for a wise investment for people in-between jobs or who are traveling to an international location for a brief period of time. However, like any type of insurance, it does have certain limitations. A key set of limitations to be aware of when buying a policy are preexisting conditions.

If you are not familiar with the term “preexisting conditions,” the concept is rather straightforward. If you already have an illness, disease, or injury prior to purchasing insurance, then the company issuing the insurance will consider those to be “preexisting conditions.” These will not be covered under your new policy. There are occasionally exceptions to this rule, and they will differ from policy to policy.

In the case of short term health insurance, preexisting condition limitations do apply. Exactly what types of health conditions are considered preexisting conditions and which ones will and will not be eligible for coverage varies according to the policy you purchase.

So what can you do about preexisting conditions? Your best bet is to carefully and completely read the details of any policy you are considering buying. This way, you can fully understand whether or not a condition you may have is covered. If you still do not understand, ask a representative from the provider you are buying from. And once you do understand what is and isn’t covered, be sure to declare all conditions upfront at the time of purchase.

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