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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Secure Your Child’s Insurance Needs

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Sometimes, you are looking for temporary insurance for your entire family and other times, just for your dependents. Say you already have insurance through another source for yourself. Your spouse has single insurance too, through his/her employer, and is awaiting insurance benefits for the children.

You now need insurance for just your children. Obviously, you will not be able to purchase short term health insurance for your children as dependents. You will then need to look for plans just for your children.

The Short Term 12x3 Short Term Medical Plan offers coverage for children only, for kids above 2 years and below 18 years of age. This coverage will be similar to the coverage for adults, and separate rates apply. This is not the same as the coverage and rates applicable for dependent children under an adult’s plan.

If dependents, children under age 19 can be included in their parents’ or guardians’ plans itself. If a dependent is a full-time student (typically in college) the age limit is increased to 25 years. In general, the upper limit for coverage through the Secure 12x3 short term health insurance plan is 65 years.

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