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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Secure Some Savings with Temporary Insurance Plan

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When you purchase short term health insurance, you not just get the benefits of health cover, but also some supplementary benefits that help you save money. Most temporary insurance plans offer such benefits, and one such plan is the Secure 12x3 STM temporary medical insurance plan.

Two of the savings that the plan offers are LabOne Select and the Rx Drug Card. Lab One Select offers savings (up to 40%) on laboratory tests, and can simply be availed by having the tests performed at LabOne.

In addition, the Rx Drug Card offers discounts on prescription drugs. It is very easy to avail of this benefit, because the headache of using claim forms does not exist. There are no deductibles or conditions on pre-existing conditions, simply because this is not an insurance benefit.

In addition to these, Secure 12x3 also offers discounts for members of Communicating for America (CA) Healthy Lifestyle Enhancement Series on purchase of vitamins, natural supplements, chiropractic services, prescription drugs, vision eyewear, and dental services. All these benefits are generic benefits, and not a part of the Secure 12x3 STM insurance plan.

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