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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Save and Secure with Short Term Insurance Plan

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With the health care reform bill still not becoming law, one of the options for uninsured folk to remain insured is purchasing a short term health insurance plan. Short term health insurance plans are perfect for filling in insurance gaps, and typically cover sudden illnesses and accidents. One such plan is the Secure Saver short term health insurance plan offered by Health Plan Administrators.

One of the unique features of the plan is the existence of a daily deductible, instead of a plan or calendar year deductible. This means that for the duration of the plan, every day is assigned a deductible, and your medical expenses per day will not exceed that deductible.

The Secure Saver plan offers four deductibles: $250, $500, $750 and $1,000. So, if you need immediate medical assistance today, you will be responsible for $250, and 100% of the eligible charges that exceed that amount will be covered, subject to the co-pay. If you need medical assistance again a week from now, you will be responsible for $250 for that day as well.

In case your entire family is covered by the Secure Saver plan, the daily deductible for the family is satisfied when two members of the plan each satisfy their daily deductible. The benefits start kicking in after the deductible maximum is reached. The idea behind a daily deductible is to minimize risk for the insurance company, and pass on the benefits to the plan holders.

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