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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Rest Assured: Insurance Will Not Let You Out in the Cold

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Temporary insurance may be short term coverage, but it sure is no fair-weather friend. Most short term health insurance plans extend coverage if you are ill or injured when the plan expires. If you are well and able, all benefits will cease the day the plan expires.

For instance, if you are hospitalized the day your coverage ends, you will get an extension of coverage in most plans. While the level of coverage will decrease and will depend on the individual plan, you will certainly not be thrown out of the hospital!

Under the Assurant Short Term Medical plan, if you become ill or hospitalized when you
are covered by the plan, you may receive continued coverage at no additional cost for 12 months on hospitalization, and $1,000 in medical benefits for up to 60 days if you have a non-disabling condition.

However, note that when the plan expires, you will need to purchase a new plan, and the condition you have been treated for will be excluded under the pre-existing conditions clause. Needless to say, it is always best to read the plan carefully or understand the coverage offered completely before signing on to a plan.

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