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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Quit the Job, Not Short Term Insurance

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Quitting a job can be traumatizing and unsettling, especially when you have been in a job for a long time and have become comfortable with the fringe benefits, especially medical insurance. A suitable short term health insurance plan can ably fill the insurance gap until you find your next job.

A medical insurance plan is one of the treasured benefits of a steady job. However, when you quit a job, for a better job or to take some time off, or if you have been let go, then the medical insurance plan that you had is withdrawn. The most common option given to you is COBRA insurance, but that can be a complicated process, and is not as cheap as the employer-sponsored plan.

You can purchase a short term medical insurance plan even before your two weeks' notice is up, which will ensure that there is no interruption in the coverage after you leave the office. The insurance plan will continue for the next six months or a year, by which time you will find another job. You can always renew the insurance plan after the plan period.

If you are leaving your job and your medical insurance is covered for another few days, then you can request for a date from when the medical coverage should start for the short term health insurance. Most plans stipulate that the effective period should not be more than 60 days after cessation of coverage.

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