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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Protect Your Precious Skin From Tanning If You Want To Be Cancer-free

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With summer in full swing, youngsters crazy about becoming brown-skinned storm both natural and artificial tanning beds like beaches and indoor tanning salons. Little do they know that they are risking their skin by exposing it making it vulnerable for cancer attacks. The sunburn rate has raised in the recent years causing concern in health department. If this is going to continue, cancer clinics will become really crowded affecting the country in many different ways. However skin cancer will not affect these tanning freaks alone but can affect other people too which is why one should own a health coverage. If you are anot able to afford something costlier like COBRA, wouldn’t it be a blessing if there is an alternative available? Of course COBRA insurance alternatives are available.

The reason behind people getting affected by skin cancer are abound. Some of these reasons may be attributed to sales and marketing jobs that demand loads of travel or roaming around with friends for fun or due to people not using their sunscreen or ignoring to reapply after the day’s first application or genetic transmission of cancer cells. The white-skinned people are more prone to skin cancer. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of dark skinned people getting skin cancer. Only the probability is less in dark-skinned people.

At a younger age, people are attracted towards getting their skin tanned without realising the consequences. The sunburn caused at 18 years can manifest as cancer when you are 40. Precautions can be taken by avoiding the direct contact with sunlight from 10 AM to 4 PM, applying sunscreen while going out and reapplying it when the effect wears out. Though awareness are being created, only very few listen and take necessary steps. Others neglect it exposing our skin to the lethal enemy, the sun or the tanning clinics.

After reading the above information, as a wise person, I am sure that you will avoid taking any risk. But still it does not rule out the possibility totally as there are other factors like genetic transmissions or any other probable unknown reasons. So it is imperative that you should never live without a health coverage. If you are not able to afford something like COBRA, you can comfortably procure COBRA insurance alternatives. This insurance is ideal for someone who are laid off by employers who don’t offer Employee Group Health Insurance or COBRA. The coverage is available upto a period of a year.

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