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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Protect your family from any unforeseen circumstances before it strikes you

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Nowadays living a life void of any health insurance is like being handicapped. If you are not protected by any group health insurance or any form of insurance, you should really consider the option of applying for short term health insurance in VA if you reside in Virginia. Otherwise staying unproteced puts your whole family at the risk of expenditure due to sickness.

The death of 14-year old Ashley Long due to helium inhalation proves the importance of an insurance. She had informed her parents that she would be off to slumber party for the night. But instead, she travelled in a car with her friends and was enjoying a party with booze and marijuana. The group went a step further inhaling helium to sound funny. When it was Ashley’s turn, the gas made her unconscious and finally she died in the hospital.

Had Ashley been careful, she would not have died. Or if she had got the right kind of treatment on time, she would have been saved. All of the above will incur medical expenses which can be handled easily if one possesses a short term health insurance in VA being a resident of Virginia. This insurance is ideal for people who are in their waiting period of procuring a permanent health insurance. It offers two plans namely assurant health short term insurance and HPA secure short term medical insurance. The former is ideal for people waiting for employer group coverage and the latter provides you and your family a comfortable medical coverage for as long as you have subscribed.

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