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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Protect Your Children with Short Term Medical Insurance

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A job change will lead to many different priorities for you to address. Whether you have left your job voluntarily to take on a new opportunity of you have been laid off or fired from your job, you will need to take a look at your potential insurance options. After all, insurance is critical not only in protecting your own health but your family's as well. If you are without insurance due to a career change and you have children, you will appreciate the protection of short term medical insurance.

If you are starting a new job, you may be subject to a probationary period before becoming eligible for medical coverage. What exactly does this mean? Well, it costs a company a lot of money to bring a new employee onto a health care plan. While interview processes and skills tests can help eliminate some bad candidates, companies still sometimes hire people who are bad fits for their job. Companies want to avoid investing in insurance for those people, so they may make new hires wait for anywhere from 30-90 days before offering them coverage.

And if you are fired or laid off, you obviously will lose the medical benefits you had. You will have the option of COBRA coverage, which allows you to maintain the same insurance policy you had before. But the costs for this are extremely expensive thanks to high administrative fees. And if you are without a job, how can you afford to spend even more than before on insurance?

Thankfully, short term medical insurance offers a more affordable coverage option for families. Rather than skip insurance because you cannot afford it and in doing so jeopardize your family's health, you can purchase this type of insurance. It allows you to visit the doctor and the hospital and get the treatment you need without spending unreasonable fees. This offers protection and peace of mind to families between jobs.

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