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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Procure Immunity to Health Expenses Before It Is Too Late

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The most common misconception among people is that Alzheimer’s can affect older generation only. Though the probability of occurence is more in older generation, even the younger lot have the probability of getting affected. The early onset is due to inherited gene mutations associated with this disease. This disease is the most common form of dementia. This can affect people of any age group and can progress to the level of affecting day-to-day activities. Considering this, it becomes inevitable to possess a health coverage at any point of time. Until the time you evaluate and arrive at a suitable best one, temporary health insurance can help you in providing coverage for a desired shorter duration.

To summarise what an Alzheimer’s disease means, it is a progressive brain disease which characterizes memory loss in addition to losing ability to reason out, plan or understand something. This disease progresses with age and make a person’s life difficut. However it is not necessary that every aged person develops this disease. A person with this disease has the probability of passing this on to his offsprings through genes. The symptoms associated with this disease are confusion, mood swings, trouble with the language and forgetting even the recent events. There are at present no treatment to stop or revert the disease. However the onset can be delayed by certain treatments.

Recent news has revealed a promising advancement in the research for Alzheimer’s. Scientists discovered a specific genetic mutation that acts as a protector from the disease and hence provided a clue to the mystery waiting to be unravelled. Since the Alzheimer’s population is growing at an alarming rate, scientists are seriously working on discovering the key to treating this. The discovered mutation “A673T” makes the protein involved in this disease less harmful, thus shielding the person from becoming a prey to this disease. For those lacking the mutation, the disease attacks.

The natural ways of preventing the disease are eating nutritious diet with lot of fruits and vegetables, eating omega-3 oil rich foods, eating less of sugary foods, maintaining a healthy body weight, challenging your brain everyday with a puzzle or learning something new everyday and coping with stress in an appropriate manner. In addition to this purchase your temporary health insurance so that you are immune even if affected by genetic inheritance. This insurance provides coverage for any sudden injuries or illnesses but does not cover the pre-existing conditions. The hospitalization expenses, diagnostic tests, clinic visits, organ transplantation and repatriation are covered by this insurance.

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