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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Payment Options for Secure Saver Temporary Insurance

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The ways that people pay for something that they buy are as varied as there are number of people. And it is difficult to convince a person that his way of paying is not the best. The Secure Saver short term health insurance plan tries to cater to these different preferences of payment.

Take the person who pays in installments. This person would prefer that small payments month by month makes better sense than paying the entire amount at one go. This makes sense if the money is already invested elsewhere and is earning interest. This also means that you can terminate the insurance at any time through a written notification.

The one time payer prefers to not have the monthly payment hassles. There is a benefit for making a monthly payment in the Secure Saver plan as there is a special reduction in the payment. This option is good especially if you know the period of insurance coverage you need.

The monthly payment can be made through checks, money orders, credit cards or through automatic bank withdrawal. The 12-month plan is ideal for monthly payments, while one-time payments are tailored to the number of days that you need the insurance.

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