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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Own Business; Own Short Term Insurance

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Short term health insurance may be the best option for you if you are looking at starting your own business—and do not have any employees working for you as yet. If you are healthy and have just quite your regular job with long term health insurance, you might want to try out short term health insurance while you try your hand at your own thing.

Short term health insurance will cover any major illnesses or accidents that you suffer during the plan period. In this case, you will probably be looking for temporary insurance for a year or so.

When starting your own business, you might be strapped for cash for a few months, and during this time, you want to save money while also taking care of yourself. You definitely don’t want to go the uninsured way. Temporary insurance can be a great idea in this situation.

Short term health insurance covers sudden illnesses, and benefits generally include physician visits, hospitalization, surgery, outpatient care, and some prescription medication. Pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage and so is most optical and dental care. However, in case you have dependents, you might want to weigh their needs against your means, and determine the best health insurance coverage that works for everybody.

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