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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • New Graduates Find Short Term Insurance Plans Flexible

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Short term health insurance is not just for those who are out of a job. It can be great stop-gap health coverage for new graduates. New graduates are usually unaware that their student health insurance plan will not be valid as soon as they graduate. Some insurance companies do not send out letters to that effect, and in the excitement of graduation and end-of-term work, students often put thoughts of health insurance in the backburner.

However, nothing can prepare a student for life on the outside more than the shock of falling ill and realizing that he/she does not have insurance to cover the expenses. Even if a recent graduate does not have insurance for a few months, temporary insurance can step in easily, offering reasonable coverage at a low cost.

One other option is the possibility of staying on the parents’ insurance. It may not be available in all situations, and it is important to also check the residency requirements of such coverage. Short term health insurance offers coverage for sudden medical expenses, arising out of illnesses or accidents.

Short term plans are perfect for the period between graduation and employer-sponsored health insurance kicking in. Remember that it might take a month or two of employment before health insurance becomes valid. If you are planning a break before joining the workforce, consider purchasing short term insurance for a year at a stretch—you will save valuable money in premium discounts.

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