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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Long-Lasting Effects of Short Term Insurance

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Short term health insurance does not just cover you for the plan period, it covers you for the entire treatment of the illness you suffered when under the plan period. This means that if you fell ill during the plan period and the treatment continues even after the termination date, you will still continue to enjoy the benefits.

For example, a hospitalization period that started before the termination of the insurance period might extend beyond the termination period. This means that you are in the hospital for an illness or injury that occurred during the plan period. You wonder whether you must renew the plan, or whether you will even be covered for the hospitalization.

There is no need to panic. If you are a member, or an insured dependent getting the benefits for hospitalization on the day that the Insurance Certificate terminates, the benefits will continue for as long as the confinement remains.

However, the conditions are that the termination should not be for nonpayment of premium. The benefits will continue for a period of 90 days after the termination. This is the period when the insured becomes eligible for other coverage for the same conditions, or when the maximum benefits have been reached. Benefits are then payable under the new deductible amount and the coinsurance limit.

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