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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Live An Expense-Free Life With Respect to Health Issues

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Though times are changing now, the problem of racism still exists here and there. The news about a Mississippi teen getting a life prison sentence for running over a man just because he had a black-colored skin is really cruel. If you do not possess any health insurance and get victimised by such occurences, it is your family which will suffer ultimately. So until you freeze on some long time health coverage plan, buy yourself a temporary health insurance.

In this modern world, though we boast of no differences among human beings, discrimination based on skin color is discreetly happening. The myth about the superiority of white skin and the inferiority of dark skin is common among people. Infact the dark skin is much healthier than the white skin since the high melanin content of dark skin protects the skin from the excess UV rays of the sun. Without realising the truth behind, people develop hatred against their fellow human beings and attack each other.

If we have to survive safely in this world, we need to be careful about our existence. In addition to this, we have to ensure the safety of our health with temporary health insurance until the permanent one arrives. This insurance covers all the unexpected illnesses and injuries. However the existing health conditions or vision or dental coverage is not provided.

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