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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Knowing What Your Temporary Insurance Covers

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Before buying a short term health insurance plan, it is smart to know what is covered. This means that you will be fully informed about the terms and conditions of the plan, and if you happen to have any of the illnesses that are covered, you can be sure of hassle-free treatment.

The illnesses that are covered by most temporary insurance plans are some of the most common ones that are likely to occur without prior notice and are not long-standing or chronic conditions. All the benefits that are extended are subject to the daily deductible and coinsurance paid. In plans where it is applicable, the $50 physician office visit copay covers the cost of the physician’s visit, and other services are subject to the daily deductible and the coinsurance.

Typically, hospital room and board charges are paid at the average semi-private room rate and outpatient and ambulatory surgical center charges are paid. Physician and surgeon services are also paid. X-Ray exams, laboratory tests and analysis are covered.

Some of the conditions covered are gall bladder surgery, knee injury or disorder and organ, tissue, and bone marrow transplants. Mammographies and pap smear tests are included, as are blood administration and transfusions.

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