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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Know Assurant Insurance Coverage and Also Its Exclusions

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The short term health insurance plan offered by Assurant offers good benefits for gaps in health coverage. If you are looking for temporary health insurance to tide you over an uninsured period in your life, the Assurant plan may be a good choice.

The plan covers doctor visits, hospitalization and consultation, emergency room care, emergency services, and diagnostic tests, among other benefits. The plan comes with a lifetime maximum benefit of $2 million. There are also three choices of deductibles.

However, the temporary insurance plan from Assurant does not cover pre-existing conditions. It also does not cover routine care and examinations, vision and dental care. Other exclusions of the plan include maternity and fertility treatment. Even if your condition requires you to hire a private nurse, the expenses are not covered by the plan. Unlike student health insurance plans, mental health is not covered under the Assurant plan.

A complete list of exclusions and benefits can be accessed in the Assurant STM plan policy document. It is very important to read the details of coverage. It is also a good idea to ask any specific questions you might have about coverage before signing on to the plan. As always, remember that short term plans are only meant to be temporary, and cannot replace long-term insurance.

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