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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Kick Away Spondylitis With The Best Treatments Facilitated By Short Term Insurance

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Coping with spondylitis is the most challenging task in anyone’s life. I did not get to learn this until my friend was victimised by this dreadly thing. The symptoms are most obvious - back and neck pain. This condition develops due to inflammation in vertebral joints and comes to limelight only after full development. By then the pain that it imparts is substantial and difficult to deal with. My friend was in this stage and had started treatment. But what was thought out as an one-day affair kept extending. It started with doctor’s diagnosis, then some laboratory tests, then came physiotherapy everyday for some period and again to the doctor for evaluation. The bill amount was really huge and thankfully she possessed a short term medical insurance, which she had taken during the waiting period for a long term insurance.

Spondylitis starts with the pain usually focussed on the neck, shoulder and lower spine and the pain radiates downwards. It is usually caused due to excessive strain or wear and tear of your back due to ageing. There are three categories of spondylitis:
1. Cervical spondylitis that causes pain towards the back of the neck
2. Lumbar spondylistis that causes pain in the lumbar region
3. Ankylosing spondylitis that stiffens the neck, jaw, shoulders, hips and knees.
These conditions are usually treated with medication, physiotherapy, exercises and maintaining good postures. If any of these are ignored, then spondylitis will become a relentless enemy and come back with vigour. It is also said that Yoga treats spondylitis and cures it completely. But if these yoga exercises are done without professional guidance, it can worsen our condition.

My friend was diagnosed with cervical spondylitis. It started as a pain on the top of her arms and the lower arms became numb. We rushed to the hopital wherein she was diagnosed with cervical spondylitis. It came as a big shock for her as her job demanded a great deal of travel to meet her clients. Now she has to alter her jobstyle to suit her new life. But luckily she need not have to deal with financial crisis as her medical expenses were taken care of by short term medical insurance. This insurance is ideal for people who are in between job shifts or awaiting another medical insurance or on COBRA. This insurance provides coverage for individuals under 65 years and can be availed for the whole family.

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