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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Kick Away All The Unhealthy Spending With COBRA Alternatives

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Back Pain on the lower part of your hip is a frequently heard of term from people, mainly adults. This cannot be classified as disease but many people complain of it. It can occur due to various reasons like bad posture, insufficient calcium, pregnancy related complications etc. At some pint of life everyone, mostly women experience lower back pain. When this occurs, the pain does not go away by itself most of the times. We have to invariably visit the hospital to take a painkiller injection followed by physiotherapy treatment. If you are a person who cannot afford COBRA, you can go for COBRA insurance alternatives.

Most of the lower back pain cases are because of bad posture. Some people, when they work on their computer sit in the same position without moving. This causes stiffness in their back and they are unable to move after having sat in the same position. But after some time, they recover slowly and finally they forget the episode. But when this continues for days or even months, the lower back becomes more vulnerable to posture problems and end up in severe pain. It is only at this point of time, when it becomes severe, people approach a doctor for treatment.

While this is the case with the working crowd, the situation is different for pregnant women. A woman’s body undergoes lot of changes during pregnancy. There are hormonal changes, weight gain and the body demands more calcium to supplement those lost due to baby’s needs. More than 50% of women realize the need and take calcium suppplements as per doctor’s advice. Some women undergo uterus removal surgery and ignore the body’s need for external calcium supplement. Same thing happens during menopause. When the calcium supplement required by the body is ignored, body slowly loses calcium and end up with pain in the lower back, neck or in any other bone joints. In extreme cases, such people end up in osteoporosis which means that bones become brittle and easily breakable. The osteporosis is irreversible and no medications are available to revert the bones to their healthy state.

In some cases no reason can be attributed to the cause of back pain. This is why a health coverage is always required to meet the medical expenses. Those without a health coverage can consider COBRA insurance alternatives. People who are not under any form of health coverage by employers or COBRA are the right candidates for this insurance. This provides coverage upto a period of 1 year. The premiums are also very low as compared to COBRA.

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