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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Keeping Tabs on the End of Insurance Coverage

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It is very easy to take short term health insurance for granted because you are used to having long term insurance that goes on and on as long as you pay the premium, which is often simply deducted from your paycheck. For short term health insurance, however, it is easy to forget when coverage ends.

The insurance that you have bought for six months will end when the term ends, of course. But the coverage also ends at the earliest date that the premium is not paid. The coverage also ends when you become eligible for Medicare.

If you are in a state where association membership is necessary for buying insurance, then coverage ends when you cease to be a member of the association. Coverage can also end when the group master policy ends. Coverage can end if the Standard Secure Life Insurance Company decides that there has been a misrepresentation made in the filing of claims.

If there are dependents to the insurance, then the coverage for the dependents ends at the earliest date of your coverage termination, or when the dependent becomes eligible for Medicare. If the dependent ceases to be eligible for some reason, then coverage ends. Always check your specific plan for details of the end of insurance coverage.

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