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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017

  • Keep your health intact with insurance if you are on risky business

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Stock markets have taken it’s major investors to the throne. And the same stock markets have also pushed it’s investors down the hill destroying them. Some people get subjected to severe health problems due to this heavy loss. In the absence of a health insurance, short term health insurance will be a boon.

There are people who do smart business. They know where to invest and where not to. They know where to risk and where not to. Stocks and share trading is also one such business. It can make a person rich or it can make him beg on streets - a risky gamble. If you become rich, then it’s a happy journey. But if you lose everything, then it’s a thorn-filled journey. Some have even suffered a heart attack. My previous neighbour was a standing example to this instance. He had retired and with a desire to earn extra money invested all of his settlement in shares and suffered a serious loss. His heart was too weak to face this shock and hence suffered a heart attack.

Always think before you act. We should always play it safe when it comes to money. Same concept applies to health too. If you do not possess any health coverage, invest in short term health insurance until you are ready to purchase a long term one. This insurance provides medical coverage for all US citizens under 64 years. This insurance is ideal for people who are waiting for their health insurance or between job switching or on COBRA.

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