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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Join Hands With Short Term Health Insurance And Drive Away Malarial Expenses

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Malaria holds the world’s fifth position as a killer disease. This is an infectious disease caused by mosquito in humans and animals. A simple mosquito bite can cost your life. This is why it is important that we don’t ignore it’s symptoms or a valid health insurance, one should always possess. If you are in your waiting period of a permanent health insurance,arrange to own a short term health insurance at the least. This is because if you are attacked by a disease during this waiting time, your future health insurance will not provide coverage. And it’s of no use regretting that you should have already arranged a temporary medical coverage.

The disease “Malaria” is caused by multiplication of Plasmodium parasites inside red blood cells(RBC), which is nothing but an army of soldiers that fight against bacterias and viruses entering the body. But since the RBC itself is targeted by these parasites, our body loses it’s immunity and becomes vulnerable.

There are five species of malaria, of which only one variety is fatal and can kill the infected. The symptoms include fever associated with headaches. Though medications are available, malarial deaths are still occuring. And the shocking news is that the malarial parasites are now becoming resistant to the most popular drug, “Artemether”, used for treating it. The findings reveal that this is caused by genetic mutations in the parasite transmitted by the infected mosquitos. This mutation develops resistance to the drug and threats the cure.

This disease will not just contain itself to it’s origin which is Sub-Saharan Africa but is expected to spread all around the world. Now that the drug is losing it’s power, researches are in full swing to find a more powerful drug. The treatment will also become costlier. Under these circumstances, one should not neglect the necessity of possessing atleast a short term health insurance. This insurance is most suited for those switching jobs or waiting for their permanent health insurance to take effect or on COBRA or fresh graduates. The coverage can be requested even for the whole family.

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