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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Is Short Term Health Insurance the Right Idea for You?

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With low costs and flexible coverage options, short term health insurance might be considered ideal coverage by many—even those with some long term health insurance coverage. However, temporary health insurance may not make sense in all situations, nor is it for everyone. Here’s a check list to help you figure out if it is the right type of coverage for you.

Do you expect that long-term health insurance will be available to you within the next six months? If yes, then short term health insurance may be the best option available at this point in time. Are you young and healthy and want to insure yourself only against unplanned medical emergencies? Short term health insurance is probably the best idea for you.

Do you have significant pre-existing conditions that require regular treatment, such as heart disease? If yes, then short term health insurance may not be for you, because most plans exclude pre-existing conditions from coverage. Are you eligible for long-term health insurance or Medicare? If so, then that may be a better option than short term medical insurance.

Remember that short term health insurance is a great option that provides health insurance, but only as a stop-gap arrangement. You also want to check that your short term health insurance plan is counted as creditable coverage toward future long term coverage.

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