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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • How to overcome cataract problems with minimal cost

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Though cataract is now a commmon occurence among elderly age group, children are also prone to cataract. This tops the list of causes for blindness. This can happen to anyone and one should not regret later for not possessing a valid coverage for health. This is why short term health insurance provides time and opportunity for it’s customers to choose a long term coverage.

Cataract means developing a property of opaqueness by the natural eye lens thus deteriorating the vision resulting in blindness. This happens due to metabolic changes of the crystalline lens that loses it’s transparency. Surgical procedure for this replaces the natural lens with artificial intraocular lens thus restoring the vision. With recent advances in technology, this procedure is performed with minimal or no discomfort to the patient. The speedy recovery is also an additional tonic for patients. Minor care is only needed on the part of patients which is avoiding of any strenuous exercise that can increase blood pressure.

This disorder which is known to attack anyone irrespective of the age, is something that we should be wary of which is why one should always possess short term health insurance in the absence of other long term ones. Short term health insurance is an insurance for US residents below 64 years and best suited for people who are on job transitions or awaiting Medicare or fresh graduates. This provides coverage for spouse and dependants of the applicant also.  The only condition is that the applicant should not be sick at the time of applying.

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