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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • How to Know When Temporary Insurance Runs Out?

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When one short term health insurance plan ends, another may be required to take its place. This can happen because of many reasons—perhaps the anticipated long term coverage is taking longer to materialize, or perhaps some formalities need to be ironed out before you sign on to the other plan.

It could also be that you are simply replacing the plan because the maximum plan period has run out. Most temporary health insurance plans will let you know, either through e-mail or through snail mail stating that the coverage period is almost over. Usually, an application for renewal of the plan is included.

If you reapply within a certain time period as specified by the plan, coverage can begin as soon as the earlier coverage ends without any gap. For example, if you have a Secure 12x3 Short Term Medical plan that terminates on June 30, if you reapply before May 30, you can enjoy uninterrupted coverage.

Most plans usually offer a new certificate of insurance and new deductibles and co-insurance amounts apply. Some of the eligibility requirements such as age restrictions will still apply, and if you are over 65 years of age when you reapply, for example, you will not be eligible for another plan.

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