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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • How To Build Your Immunity Against Health Expenses

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Drought and extreme heat conditions seems to have started affecting many parts of America causing water scarcity, food scarcity and dying of plants and trees. Rivers have dried up or left with very little water. People living in these parts are facing lot of difficulties in getting food for themselves as well as in getting fodder for their cattle. Even small ponds appear like a dug-up big hole. Under these circumstances, it is very difficult to lead a very healthy life. This necessitates the availability of atleast a temporary health insurance which can take care of their medical expenses thus reducing the financial load.

There are seven Illinois counties that have been designated as “extreme drought”. It is not only Illinois counties that have been struck with drought but also many other counties from different states that totals up the drought-struck states to 32. The cattle has started feeding on winter’s food. In addition to this, the fields have also been browned. Dust is also blowing with high speed making it difficult for the cattle to go for grazing. Also the lack of water availability has made life tougher for every living being in these areas. Water is unavailable even for everyday needs.

Extreme heat waves is killing the agricultural crops like corn which has started deteriorating everyday. The little crops that don’t die, have their fruits and vegetables rotting as soon as they get ripe. Due to this food has become really scarce. If food becomes scarce, then our body does not get sufficient nutrients that are due for the day. If this continues, our body becomes weak and susceptible to all sorts of infections due to loss of immunity.

In addition to importing food from other places which is naturally making food costlier, we also have to end up spending on medical treatments. It would be a blessing at this time if we have a medical coverage like temporary health insurance. This insurance provides coverage against any unexpected sickness or injury. However preventive care, vaccines, vision and dental coverage are not provided. It usually covers hospitalization, diagnostic tests, clinic visits, organ transplantation and repatriation if required.

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