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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • How Long is Too Long for Short Term Insurance?

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A month or six? How long do you need short term health insurance for? This is a question often asked by those who have lost their regular long-term insurance rather suddenly and are looking for any way to save money.

The answer really depends on the applicant’s needs. If the applicant is taking a break from work, then the period corresponding to the break will definitely require short term health insurance. Then, the applicant can move on to a month-to-month plan.

While calculating the period of insurance required, remember that insurance benefits may not begin the day you start work. It might take around a month for health insurance to become valid, in most cases. Also, if you are thinking about going freelance or joining a small company, ensure that your future employer offers good long-term coverage at a reasonable price.

In most cases, getting coverage through a month-to-month plan is more expensive than the equivalent six-month plan, say. Also remember that even if you purchase the longer term of coverage, you can request a cancellation when you want to, and the insurance company will reimburse the prorated premium in most cases. However, it is best to check with the insurance company or your online agent about what happens when you no longer need coverage.

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